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ALocated in the centre of the town, the Cathedral, classified as an historical monument in 1840, is one of the most interesting cathedrals in Normandy.

This church has been ever present in the history of Normandy and even in the history of French architecture. The cathedral belongs, through the nave and transept, to an intermediary period and is a typical model of the Norman gothic style. The medieval art was replaced by new architectural art coming from Île de France, as can be seen in the flying buttresses. 

In addition, one must not ignore the significant religious past of this church. Saint Thérèse attended the cathedral with her parents, Louis and Zélie Martin, and her sisters.

At almost a thousand years old, there is so much more to discover about this incredible construction. You can do so by browsing this website.

Set up in 2005 for general purposes, our association is a cultural vocation, contributing to the enhancement of the historical heritage of the cathedral and the spreading of culture.

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